Welcome! This is a wiki page created by 1st Dietetics students at Centro Educativo Arangoya Ikastetxea (Bilbao). We'd like to work together and get a multilingual list of interesting vocabulary on Nutrition and Dietetics. So as to achieve this purpose, we will be working inside and outside class and we will ask for help to other friends and relatives who can speak languages we don't master.
We hope you enjoy our wiki space. If you wanted to make any contribution, do not hesitate to contact lucila@arangoya.org.

On May 5th 2008, we started using this wikispace. We learnt about editing, creating pages and inserting photos.

On May 12th we inserted a link to another web page, we learnt about videos and began compiling our multilingual dictionary.

On May 19 we went on completing our multilingual dictionary for Dietetics and Nutrition.

On May 26th we restructured our wiki so as to include precise pages for each field (Food terms, Common Verbs in Dietetics and Nutrition Bibliography, Tips for our Health, and Ciclo Superior en Diet├ętica)

On 2 June, we finished compiling interesting terms, and did a webquest for useful webpages for youngsters on Nutrition issues. The more we look for vocabulary and information, the more we discover, the more research we want to do, the better we work together!!!

This page has been improved in course 2008/2009 by 1st Dietetics students. We thank 2nd Dietetics students for their work last year and wish them their best at their training period and future.
Alba, Itxaso, Miren, Denise